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Man Holding Olives
Ollies Oil Story it all began with my Mum's olive grove in the 2000's


It all started back in the early 2000s when my mother and some local olive growers decided to purchase a press from Italy and produce extra virgin olive oil fresh from their trees, as they believed the unique Central Otago climate would produce quality extra virgin olive oil with amazing health benefits.

I inherited my mother's passion, and soon Ollies' Olive Oil was born. This small-batch product is made with 100% Central Otago-grown fruit, trees tended, harvested and pressed by my husband Steve and his team.


Our fruit comes from groves planted on stony soil which is free draining, and we are fortunate to have low disease pressures thanks to our cold frosty winters, low rainfall and humidity year-round. We don’t ever spray our fruit directly for pests and disease, and we use minimal weed spray if any on our groves.

Ollie's is a blend of frantoio and leccino (Tuscan) varieties which are ideally suited to our cold winters as they can handle more frost pre-harvest and thrive in our hot summers.

We are proud of our quality oil, and hope you too enjoy experiencing a taste of Central Otago!

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