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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5L) is sourced from the picturesque groves of Bannockburn and Cromwell renowned for cool climate and its high-quality olive oil production. Picked by hand, our olive oil is rich in flavour and aroma, making it the perfect addition to any dish. The oil blend is from frantoio and leccino varieties has a fresh and fruity taste that will enhance the flavor of your salads, pasta, and grilled vegetables.


Our current release is the 2023 extra virgin Ollie's olive oil which won a silver medal at the recent New Zealand Olive Oil Awards - a must have for any discerning foodie!


The oil is supplied in a 5 litre food grade plastic jerry can - great for refilling our original bottles for a more sustainable packaged option.

Ollie's Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 Litre

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